Exhibitor Testimonials

Wedding vendors love the Cincinnati Wedding Expo by Wendy’s Bridal! Here is what they have to say about why they keep coming back every year!

Joni Bishop, Cincinnati By Design

“My business is doing so well now, and I really do think it’s because of Wendy’s.”

Bill Teater, Great Day Productions

Bill’s been a Wendy’s Bridal Show vendor since 1989.

Peppe Ramundo’s Menswear and Black Tie

“The internet is great, but you have to have contact with the brides, face-to-face.”

Tracy Bellman, Tres Belles Cakes

“Absolutely worth doing again.”

Dale Kabbes, Dale’s Designs & Florals

“The people here are always very friendly.”


“Wendy’s Bridal Show has always attracted great brides and their families. Some of the best clients that I have worked with, I had my first contact with them at the Wendy’s Bridal Show. The show itself is professionally co-ordinated (which makes working it a breeze), and it attracts the top wedding professionals in the region. I wouldn’t miss the Wendy’s Bridal Show!”

JD Hughes
Weddings by JD Hughes
On The Air Entertainment

“The 2015 Wendy’s Bridal Show was my very first bridal show ever for my photography business. I was very nervous, yet excited to dive into such a well known bridal event. Joan, the director, made me feel very welcome in the show, and was very easy to work with. I am so pleased with the amount of business I have received from the Wendy’s
Bridal Show. Not only have I booked new brides for both the 2015 and 2016 season, but I got to network with some incredible wedding vendors in all areas of the field. Needless to say, this was the first of manymore events for my business with Wendy’s Bridal Show.”

Steph Keller Trabel

Steph Keller Photography


“The Wendy’s Bridal Show has been an integral part of my marketing for the last three years. Wendy’s always seems to attract a very good, engaging bride clientele to the show. Additionally the show is run very well behind the scenes from loading/unloading to communication with the vendors leading up to the show. I highly recommend this show to any fellow vendor looking to make an impact with their marketing money.”

Jenn Dwyer
The Creative Light Studio


“I have learned several years ago that you only need to participate in a few Bridal Shows each year to maximize the return on the investment. Wendy’s Bridal Show is by far the best with quality vendors and brides and supports collaboration between both for the best opportunity of success.”

Debbie A. Doll, CTC
Regional Travel Manager
AAA Allied Group Inc.


 “Wendy’s Bridal Show is the most well run bridal show in Cincinnati. I’ve been doing the show for many years and will continue to be a vendor for future shows. Joan is the best.”

Teri Scheff
Artrageous Desserts


“Wendy’s Bridal Show is always a great show for us! We love being in front of so many newly engaged brides. Traditionally the show is the first show of the year and that along with great advertising draws so many excited brides! We also love that they have a great crew to help at the loading docks.”

Brenda Pottinger
Pottinger Photography


“I have been a part of the Wendy’s Bridal Show for many years and find it to be a valuable source of advertising for my company. It is well advertised and produced and has great attendance from brides and from vendors that you want to have as part of your wedding network!”

Stacey Shiring
Creative Invites & Events



“I love participating in Wendy’s Bridal Show. Joan and her staff do a great job of organizing the layout of the Duke Energy Convention Center so that the aisles are wide open and the brides don’t feel rushed when speaking with the vendors. I also like the fact that the Wendy’s Bridal Show is always the very first show in the Greater Cincinnati area. This allows the brides and vendors to interact while many of the popular wedding dates are still available. Vendors often book a majority of their wedding dates in January so attending the first bridal show of the season is very important. I’ve also noticed that Wendy’s Bridal Show selects only the best professionals to setup vendor booths at the show. Therefore, the brides will be able to speak to some of finest wedding professionals from Kentucky and Ohio areas. Lastly, during the Bridal Show there are three fashion shows which always showcase the latest bridal fashions and trends.”

Max Surikov
Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Maxim Photo Studio



“Wendy’s Bridal Show is a great way for newly engaged brides & groom’s to gather information and ideas about planning the most important event of their lives. The vendors are so creative with booth design and set up which is so inviting to a couple just starting the planning process. Vendors eagerly share their wealth of knowledge about
wedding planning. As a Catering Vendor who has participated for many years in the Wendy’s Bridal Show we look forward to it every year.”

Vonderhaar’s Catering, Inc


“This last year’s Wendy’s Bridal Show was among the most successful bridal shows we’ve ever done. Saturday night we already had several contacts from the show and within two months had signed about 10 couples… Given the current economy, I was very happy to see a higher quality professional bride this year. Overall, we nearly doubled our
bookings from last year.”

Daniel Michael
Images by Daniel Michael


“We have been participating in Wendy’s Bridal Show for over twenty years. This show has consistently proven to produce results for our company. When measuring the cost against all other marketing dollars that we spend-this show has produced the best return and strongest value.”

Dan Goebel
Owner, Receptions



“The Wendy’s Bridal Show has been included in my marketing for over 25 years… We book more business from this show than any other marketing we do.”

Sharon Forton
General Manager/Owner
Newport Syndicate



“2015 was our first exposure to Wendy’s Bridal Show. We were a little concerned, this being our first Bridal Show in Cincinnati, that we would not see a return in our investment. We went out and bought all the signage and branded material for the show, plus the investment in food and other giveaways and the price of the show. Needless to say our concerns were baseless. We signed so many brides that not only did we recover all of our investment, but we made the best profit we have ever done using any medium of advertising. We also got over 900 leads we are just now starting to contact. I know part of the reason we did so well is Wendy’s Bridal Show is a quality show. From the loading and set up, to the daily operation and at the end, the load out, everything is done professionally. Their staff are helpful, organized professionals. I wish I could find more shows like theirs. If you have a business that
provides services or products to brides in the Cincinnati or NKY area, you need to make sure you book Wendy’s Bridal Show as your #1 Show –We will be there every year.”

Chef Michael
Managing Partner
Four Seasons Catering



“The Wendy’s Bridal show exceeded our expectations and was very successful for our business. I look forward to being a part of the Wendy’s show for many more years to come.”

Nancy Snodgrass
Fantasy In Frosting, Inc.



“Wendy’s Bridal Show is a great opportunity to meet many brides and share their enthusiasm regarding their big day.”

Mary Benken
Wyoming Florist



“There are a lot of bridal shows to choose from, Wendy’s is at the top of our list every year!”

Mark McFadden
Owner, McFadden Music